Forced JS1500 concrete mixer What constitutes structure   Forced JS1500 concrete mixer structure is more complex, there are seven major components, one hour can be completed stirred for 75 square concrete, compulsory mixer is a high power, the following detailed introduction JS500 compulsory mixer which of several parts.  A, JS1500 compulsory mixer structure 1, gear 2, 3 shaft seal, cylinder and liner assembly 4, cover and water distributor means 5, a stirring device 6, centralized lubrication device 7, the discharge door.   Two, JS1500 compulsory mixer gear Motor through V-belt transmission and a planetary gear reducer, shannxi f2000 concrete mixer truck the high speed to low speed, the spline shaft and the spline bushings transmit power to the stirring shaft; at the same time in the middle of the two gear coupled synchronous transmission shaft to ensure that the two stirring spindle Synchronize. The advantage of this system is: smooth transmission, transmission torque, high cost. Three, JS1500 concrete mixer shaft seal The bearing shaft seal and bearing, lubricating oil passage composed for stirring shaft bearing, positioning; while high pressure lubricating oil passage to the bearing seat, stirring shaft head parts for lubrication, cooling, sealing, forming a seal oil chamber, to ensure that the mud does not attack bearing, stirring shaft site.  Four, JS1500 concrete mixer centralized lubrication system     JS1500 concrete mixer lubricating means is one of the core components of the mixer, which directly affect the operation of a stirrer working efficiency and service life. Lubrication system consists of electric lubrication pump, tubing and other components. Oil pressurized by an electric pump, respectively, to the four shaft mixer. Pressure oil in the high pressure shaft formed a protective layer to prevent mud invasion shaft, thus helping protect the stirring shaft bearing and shaft role. Automatic lubrication points: 4 (shaft seals), manual lubrication points: 10 dasion hauling yhzs50 portable concrete batch plants for sale (spindle bearings 4, discharge doors bearing 2, shaft seal outside 4). Five, JS1500 concrete mixer and cylinder liner assembly The machine is made by the generous stirred cylinder of steel plate bending from the ω-shaped double-barrel, in a specially designed and produced under the framework of the support has a strong yield, supporting parts also make cylinder have sufficient rigidity ensure concentricity and parallelism of twin-shaft single axis. In each equipped with a side access platform, retractable and support as needed to facilitate the operation and maintenance. In order to prevent wear of the cylinder stirring, stirring inside the cylinder and the side with a high hardness of high chromium wear-resistant liner. Liner is fixed to the cylinder block with bolts. Liner blade: high chrome cast iron. Life of up to 70,000 cans times. Six, JS1500 mixer mixing device Stirring device consists of a spindle, stirring arms, blades, blade and other components, two stirring device parallel to the spindle, each equipped with seven stirring arm, on the same spindle between two adjacent stirring arm showed a 60 ° distribution, two spindles the relative angular relationship is fixed, this fixed relationship by the coupling between the two reducer to ensure the (view of this, do not easily open the coupling). Each mixing arm is designed according to hydrodynamics, strength to make it better, and can reduce the resistance in stirring, high performance low cost concrete batch plant while also reducing the amount of wear. Seven, JS1500 mixer discharge gate   The discharge door body, cylinder, proximity switch. Automatic operation, generally set fully open, fully closed, half open three states. When the work leading to the high-pressure gas cylinders, cylinder driven pendulum, so that the door body is rotated around the bearing, to opening and closing purposes. Eight, JS1500 mixer cover and cloth Plumbing The cover is equipped with two access doors, used for maintenance. Equipped with safety switches at the access door, when the access door is opened, the mixer stops working. Thus ensuring the maintenance personnel in the cylinder internal service security. On an observation window access door open for the staff working at the mixer observation. Water distributor placement reasonable, so that water uniformly distributed in the cylinder. More importantly, its cone spiral nozzle, which can effectively prevent clogging.